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What is Rulfy?

ArtoonsInn Rulfy, pronounced as Rule5, is a morally encouraged policy that was introduced and implemented in ArtoonsInn Writers Room for the sole purpose to create a mutually supportive environment.

#Rulfy is a request by a participant to a fellow participant.
“I have checked your work and shared my opinion on it. Could you please check mine and tell me what you think of it, too?”

If you wish to respond to a #Rulfy request, go to the story written by that person and give your comment on it, and add hashtag #rulfied at the end.

=>Check out this example for Rulfication process in the ArtoonsInn Writers Room.

Artoon Sandeep’s comment on Artoon Tanima’s story.

“Hey, Tanima! What a story! Loved the way you tackled the crime. Your characters were so alive and connected that I feel I have been old friends with them!” #rulfy

Artoon Tanima reads the comment and after seeing the ‘rulfy’ (request) at the end of the comment, she responds to Artoon Sandeep by reading his work and sharing her opinion.

“How could you let the protagonist die?? Just like that?! That broke my heart! You sure do know how to have your reader gripped. This story is beautiful!” #rulfied

See that hashtag at the end – #rulfied? That’s how the Rulfication has been successfully carried out by both the writers.

Note: This is not a rule at ArtoonsInn.

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