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How to read a prompt

Prompt: Your MC(Main Character) hosted a party late at night and invited everyone around.
Let’s see how we can read and play with the above prompt.
1. Your MC
Your MC could be a man, a lion, a vampire, a secret tribe leader in the Amazon, an alien, God, or even an ant. Your MC could be anyone or anything.
2. ..hosted a party..
Now the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word ‘party’ is… variety of foods, drinks, lights, music, and dance. But, what you can also think of is.. serving blood, leaves, poison, water, alien flesh, fresh and tasty mud from the hills nobody’s ever dared to go near, or an ant who had secretly looted lots of sugar and decided to host a giveaway party.
3. ..late at night..
Now this is something the prompt particularly asks for –which is to set the story ‘late at night’. You may not play with that part. You don’t really have to focus your story much on that either. Use the words ‘late night’, ‘late at night’, twilight, moonlight or anything related and stick to that requirement in the prompt.
4. ..invited everyone…
One would probably think when the prompt says invited everyone, everyone must be present at the party. No. The MC has invited and it’s for everyone around to attend. They all could have died the very night while on their way for all one cares and maybe only one of them has come and the Mc has decided to find out what mystery lies behind their deaths. Everyone, again, doesn’t have to be humans alone. They could be the rest of the planets in the Solar system and your MC is the frigging Sun. The new wild rat in the garage calling out to all the rats in the neighborhood garages and dumps.
5. ..around.
This word doesn’t really have a limit. Around could mean anywhere around with no limit on the radius –from your neighborhood to the entire universe.
See/Read the prompts like above and you can do wonders with your stories. 
All the very best.

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